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Trouble Bonding Two Females

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Trouble Bonding Two Females Empty Trouble Bonding Two Females

Post by Champagne12 Tue 20 Mar 2018, 8:02 pm

I recently lost my brown feeder mouse, Mocha, and her sister Vanilla was left all alone. Of the pair, Vanilla was the alpha.

We adopted another female recently named Dora, who had been separate from her sick sister and was also in need of a friend. Dora and Vanilla are roughly 10 months apart in age, Dora being younger.

I've kept them separate for three days with their cages right next to each other so they can sniff each other. I also switched pieces of each other's cages out periodically so everything would start to smell like each other. Each day, I've put them in the dry bathtub (with a towel down and toys) so they can interact. Some fights occurred, but they were resolved after a couple of seconds. Dora established dominance by mounting Vanilla. Mostly, the girls chased and groomed each other.

I thought that, after a two hour play session with only two small quarrels and mostly playing/grooming, that the girls might be ready to put in the same cage.

I've been watching them closely for an hour. No issues until just a few minutes ago when they had a fight under the hide hut.

Then a few minutes later in the upper compartment, Dora was trying to establish dominance again and Vanilla really didn't like it (I didn't interfere).

Then Vanilla just seemed to be (aggressively?) grooming Dora with some vigor, which Dora seems like she's really enjoying it and is squeaking. I took a peak, and neither was bleeding although Dora's ear seemed very pink, but that may be because Vanilla was furiously grooming her.

Then they cuddled. Then Dora started grooming Vanilla and Vanilla didn't seem to like it much.

I'm very confused. Their behavior seems to swing wildly between really enjoying each other's company to fighting for dominance. and I wonder if I put them together way to soon.

Should I keep them separate a little longer? Can two alphas be friends? Please advise.
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Trouble Bonding Two Females Empty Re: Trouble Bonding Two Females

Post by CallaLily Wed 21 Mar 2018, 1:35 pm

It’s said that if there’s no blood to let them work it out. They’re trying to figure out who’s in charge. I wouldn’t separate them again unless blood is drawn or one is being so beaten and bullied that she’s can’t eat or drink. Also keep in mind that groups of 3 or more females usually work out better because there isn’t just one submissive girl taking all of the dominant girl’s attention.

For future reference, here is the Quarantine page. And just in case it’s needed, the Introductions page.

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