Ivermectin is really confusing!

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Ivermectin is really confusing!

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner on Sun 25 Mar 2018, 12:57 am

So, I know we generally recommend it here, and consider it very safe. Some vets even prescribe it. But someone I know on Instagram said their vet told them the ivermectin they gave all their mice could've killed them. Then some people say a different medicine similar to ivermectin is much safer, I can't recall the name right now. So I'm really confused, why is ivermectin so controversial, should we be recommending it or not? Is it still considered safe or is using ivermectin an outdated practice? I'm just really confused, is it safe or not safe?


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Re: Ivermectin is really confusing!

Post by CallaLily on Sun 25 Mar 2018, 9:43 am

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but from everything I’ve read it’s the oral ivermectin that can be dangerous. The topical solution suggested here (and previously on TFM) was info from BarbaraFunMouse who worked with her vet to find a safer topical mix for her mice when she had a lice outbreak. It’s said to even be safe for pinky mice!  And I’m pretty certain over in the UK you can buy it over the counter, already diluted and packaged for small pocket pets with an even clearer dosage based on weight.

Revolution might be the other topical solution you’re thinking of, which is also considered very safe and often works better I’ve heard. But you’ll need to get the correct dosage from your vet for that one.

Edit: Here’s the original pages from BarbaraFunMouse.
Hairloss, Itching, and Skin Problems and Summary of Her Experience With Lice.  She actually did recommend consulting your vet first. I believe our page says something similar too. But as long as it’s mixed and dosed properly, it’s safe.

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