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emergency first aid box

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emergency first aid box Empty emergency first aid box

Post by tinks Wed 28 Mar 2018, 6:46 am

i am planning on a first aid box just so i have things in just in case so as i am in the uk a lot of things i can't get so i was wondering if the same sort of things i use for my ratties would work

Pharmaq Ivermectin 1%: for the treatment of fur, ear and mange mites and lice
Promodulate: A concentrated source of Probiotic and targeted Prebiotic to maintain normal gut function. Also contains a source of essential electrolyte salts and vitamin complex
DrS Guardian Angel: This product by Dr S is essential when your sick or weakened pet risks dehydration
DrS PolyAid: PolyAid (Survive in export market) is a food substitute for emergency situations, when your rat won't or can't eat

i also have a mix for replacing essential electrolytes made for babies, calpol for pain relief which is also a children's medicine, Styptic Powder to stop bleeding, i have a pet heat pad that you microwave and it stays warm for 12 hours so could use that as well

does all that sound ok?

just need a hospital cage now

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emergency first aid box Empty Re: emergency first aid box

Post by Jadamouse Mon 02 Apr 2018, 4:46 pm

sounds pretty good, i would suggest a few small syringes (without needles!!) and some baby food (some fruity some with meat) that can be syringe fed to the mice if they wont eat Smile

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