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Hair Loss and Unresponsiveness

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Hair Loss and Unresponsiveness Empty Hair Loss and Unresponsiveness

Post by jskbby Sun 22 Apr 2018, 5:49 pm

Recently my first male mouse, Alex deLarge, had passed. He had lovely long orange fur and was quite shy at first. One day I had realised he was missing fur around his nose, and had some things areas behind the neck. That grew back nicely.

However, now one of my females, Gyro, has some bald spots around her eyes and some small areas on her back. I don't know if it's her cagemate Johnny (a female) overgrooming her. Usually Gyro grooms Johnny after I touch her, but I've never seen Johnny groom Gyro. These bald spots are a recent development. As soon as I saw them, I cleaned their cage. Washed their wheel, bottle, and put some new bedding.

I've always used Kaytee scentless, white pet bedding, and fed my girls oxbow mouse food. I wouldn't think it is an allergic reaction. I tried getting a closer look, but Gyro always squirms and wiggles out of my hands. So I have no clue what it possibly is.

My second issue is my new small male mouse, Bruno. I believe he is still pretty young, body being about 3cm. I have him with a larger mouse, Abbachio. Compared to Abbachio, Bruno seems to be lethargic, but when I try and grab him he darts to the other connected cage. I can always find him in a ball in their hidey home. Even if I poke him a bit, he still won't move until I try to grab him. I'm worried he won't eat or drink because I never see him out and about. I'd like for him to enjoy his time and come out more, but can anyone explain what's going on? Is this normal? Should I be worried? I don't think their is any vet nearby I can take him to.

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