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Grief In Mice

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Grief In Mice Empty Grief In Mice

Post by PrestigePetsMouseLOVR Thu 03 May 2018, 11:45 pm

A mouse passing is a very sad event. Whether they are put down, or die naturally, we want what is best for those left. So, either leave the body of the mouse in the cage for 3+ hrs or place it their for 3+ hrs. This allows those behind to sniff, and realise the death. They will try to revive the mouse/get a response. REMOVE THE BODY AFTER NO MORE THAN 4 OR MORE HOURS! ANY MORE THAN THIS AND REMAINING mice may start to eat the body. This is simply because in the wild they need to because otherwise predators will smell the body. So you can remove it. By allowing mice to see the body, they can begin grieving, rather than being confused (where the heck she gon?) For the next day (on the day of death), leave your mice alone to grieve. After no more than 12 hours of alone grieving, give them a TON of love! Extra treats (right after the death as well), loads of out of cage time, maybe some new toys??? Also, next cage clean (at least 2 days after the death) give the cage a huge clean!. All substrate out, and sterlise it. I reccommend a cloth with DETTOL (super antibactierial cleaner). Clean everything with it (wheel, toys EVERYTHING) and if you know it was a sickness, not just old age, remove forever, any wooden toys you can't bake (YOUTUBE how to sterlise wooden mouse/hamster toys). Best of luck! Heart

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