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Baby Mouse UTI or similar issue? Antibiotics?

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Baby Mouse UTI or similar issue? Antibiotics? Empty Baby Mouse UTI or similar issue? Antibiotics?

Post by Margeaux Fri 11 May 2018, 8:26 am

Hello everyone. I have been caring for an orphaned baby deer mouse for almost a week now and it has been going well with ups and downs. In the beginning he had diarrhea and since then his bottom has been very sensitive. Since the diarrhea, he’s been dehydrated despite my best efforts of giving him electrolytes at every feeding. He has always eaten well and has gone to the bathroom on his own after getting past the diarrhea. But I haven’t seen a lot of pee, which I’m assuming is due to the dehydration, but I’ve also been hoping that he’s been going in his house, as he often poops on his own in his house after feedings.

I’m actually not sure if it’s a male, I don’t have experience with sexing baby mice. But what I’m assuming is his penis (if he’s male) has been getting redder and more irritated. He was waddling a bit. I wasn’t sure what to do so I tried giving him a few drops of cranberry juice at feedings. Cranberry juice got rid of my pet rats UTI easily when I used to keep rats and I figured he is too young for antibiotics. But today I went to check on him and all of a sudden he started squeaking and jumping around and actually biting me, which is very strange since he’s very friendly. A lot of liquid came out down there and his back legs didn’t seem to be working! He kept biting me and I didn’t know if I could help anyway, so I put him back in his house. After a little while it seems like his legs are working again but he’s still waddling. His back legs seem swollen and red.

He’s over 2 weeks old and has just started eating on his own a little bit so I thought I was in the clear, and now this! Can I give him any antibiotics? Is there any hope of getting him through this?

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Baby Mouse UTI or similar issue? Antibiotics? Empty Re: Baby Mouse UTI or similar issue? Antibiotics?

Post by Rodents rock! Thu 24 May 2018, 8:07 pm

Aww, so good of you to help this little baby. I don't have any experience with this at all, but I wanted to see how things are going. Hopefully someone with experience will message with some help.
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