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Sneezing/Chirping? Empty Sneezing/Chirping?

Post by jaylew on Sun 20 May 2018, 8:07 pm

This is a video of Narcissa (the almost albino one). I brought her and her sister Tonks home about 2 weeks ago. Narcissa has been sneezing the whole time! Or at least, I think they are sneezes?

I didn’t notice her sneeze when I first got her.

She is fairly active (never seen her run on the wheel), friendly, eats and drinks plenty, and enjoys cuddling with Tonks. The sneezing seems to be worse when she’s awake, especially excited/anxious, like during a cage change. She does not sneeze or chirp when she is asleep.

I have had four other mice, and never had this problem with anyone. The fact that it hasn’t spread to Tonks after weeks in proximity makes me wonder if it’s an allergy? I use all the same bedding/housing/food she had in her previous home. The only thing is that the new package of Carefresh I have been using stinks to high heaven - but again, none of the other mice are facing issues. I use a natural cleaner, change once a week, etc. I am a capable and loving mouse owner!!

So please... what do I do?!

[Edit] I have been trying other things between when I first brought them home and now, I I hope that it doesn’t seem as though I’ve just let her suffer!
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Sneezing/Chirping? Empty Re: Sneezing/Chirping?

Post by CallaLily on Mon 21 May 2018, 10:59 am

I can’t watch the video but it could be what’s called “box shock,” which is just from stress and can be fairly common with new mice. It usually clears up in a couple weeks though. If not or it seems to get worse, a vet trip would be better safe than sorry.

An allergy could be a possibility, even if the other mice are fine on the bedding. You could try a different kind to see if that helps. If the bag of carefresh you picked up seems extra dusty or has an odd odor, see if you can pick up another bag from a different batch.

If she’s making the noises with every breath than it’s likely a respiratory infection which will need vet care. Usually sounds like clicking.

And lastly, there are some mice that are just “chatty.” They make a sort of chittering noise when excited or stressed, but no other time. Some people think it sounds a little bit like a very quiet chicken. @Scaredymouse has a great video example of this, so hopefully she’ll come by and share it.

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Sneezing/Chirping? Empty Re: Sneezing/Chirping?

Post by scaredymouse on Wed 06 Jun 2018, 2:12 pm

Lil Smokey, rest in peace, always had a lot to talk about. he's a great example of normal chatter.

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Sneezing/Chirping? Empty Re: Sneezing/Chirping?

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