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My dad is so against getting a mouse/mice

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My dad is so against getting a mouse/mice Empty My dad is so against getting a mouse/mice

Post by Mar90tt Thu 24 May 2018, 6:41 pm

My mum says she okay with me getting 2 female mice but she says she will only let me get on if a get an a/b (vice versa) on a these projects that I have. And to be honest I don’t think I’m going to get that lmao. but my dad is so against it! He says we won’t be able to go on holidays, and also just thinks there absolutely disgusting! I’m 13 and I live in Sydney Australia so its hard to find mice in Sydney cause I don’t wanna get one from the pet store, but I found some breeders that are in Australia, and its just so hard to get my parents to let me get one please help!

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My dad is so against getting a mouse/mice Empty Re: My dad is so against getting a mouse/mice

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop Thu 24 May 2018, 7:27 pm

I have an idea! Instead of making this a "You Win, Dad Loses" deal, how about if we lay some groundwork for negotiating a compromise?

First, come on! Get those grades! Yeah! You'll never get another chance at this educational opportunity, when your brain is young and knowledge-absorbent! Make the absolute most of it!

Second, your dad is correct to note that it is difficult to travel if you have pet mice. You cannot board them at a reliable care facility, the way you can with a dog or cat, and sad stories abound of what happened to pet mice when a friend or neighbor was supposed to take care of them while their owner was away. And you cannot just take them along and leave them in your hotel room all day while you go to the beach or the amusement park or on a day hike -- you have no idea how hot or cold it might get in the room while you're away, and -- if mice are not among the allowed pets at the facility -- housekeeping could come in and see them and trouble would follow.

So, anyway, maybe you can spend the next six months or year proving to Mum that you can consistently get that a/b on all of your schoolwork, earning and saving money to buy supplies for the mice you want, studying all the things you need to know about keeping mice, getting Dad to sit down and watch cute mouse videos with you from time to time, and working out a feasible plan for providing good care for your mice while the family travels. Then maybe both parents will be equally convinced that you have earned those little mousies, and everybody (including the mousies) will win this one!

P.S. I could not have any pets when I was young. It might be frustrating if you can't get your mice, but it's entirely survivable.

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