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Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!?

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Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!? Empty Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!?

Post by fancymice Tue 29 May 2018, 12:39 am

Today when I was changing the girls’ tanks, I heard one of them kind of purring with her teeth or like grinding them. Later, I heard the other one do that and she’s also grooming her face a lot today. They have chewing sticks which they regularly chew all over their tanks. Am I overreacting or should I be worried? Thank you.
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Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!? Empty Re: Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!?

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner Tue 29 May 2018, 1:45 am

That's called bruxing, that means your mice are either super happy or super comfortable, or both! That's a good thing, not a bad thing. I usually notice it when my girls are snuggling or being groomed.

Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!? Girlss10
Squeaking and teeth grinding!?!? Boyssi17Angel Remembering: Violet, Snow, Holly, Lilac, Clover, Petal, Cotton, Sugar, Autumn, Sage, Rocky, Jack, Willow, Blossom, Sierra, Amber, Olive, Scout, and Daisy
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