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Are my Mice Happy?

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Are my Mice Happy? Empty Are my Mice Happy?

Post by Hope4Allwhobreathe on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 12:44 am

Hi everyone!
So I have had my three girls- Skunk, Otter, and Badger- now for a month, and I have two of them pretty tamed and one is still slowly coming around (Badger; she is aptly named!). But the other two ladies are crawling all over me, let me scoop them up into my hands, and take treats from me with ease.

I just wonder- are they happy? They curl their tails around my fingers when I hold them, and I have lots of interactive toys in their bin cage for them. Can anyone think of anything else to make their tiny lives happier? More enrichment? More interaction? (They get played with and handled at least twice a day).

I will soon be expanding from a 1 bin cage to a 2-bin cage, which will add some more toys and places to burrow, but until then I'd love any and all suggestions! Confused Thanks!

Skunk and Badger
First time mouse mom
In memory of Possum and Otter
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Are my Mice Happy? Empty Re: Are my Mice Happy?

Post by Rodents rock! on Mon 18 Jun 2018, 7:50 pm

Hello, they sound pretty happy to me Very Happy Maybe if you could post some pics of their set up, we could offer some suggestions.
Rodents rock!
Rodents rock!
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