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Alaska Cage

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Alaska Cage Empty Alaska Cage

Post by FurryBabyMama Mon 18 Jun 2018, 1:14 pm

I have an Alaska cage
For my Syrian hamster. I'm planning to get mice soon hopefully, and I'm trying to find a nice big cage but with bar spacing small enough. The bar spacing on this cage is 0.9mm. It's 84 x 48.5 x 44 cm. Could I buy another one of these for mice, or is the bar spacing too big? If the bar spacing is too big, can someone link me to a more suitable cage?

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Alaska Cage Empty Re: Alaska Cage

Post by Nijimi にじみ Mon 18 Jun 2018, 3:01 pm

The spacing isn't too big but I would recommend a tank from my own experience and others' as mice tend to chew the bars could ingest the paint and damage their teeth.

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