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Finally got another mouse

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Finally got another mouse Empty Finally got another mouse

Post by Snootietoots Thu 28 Jun 2018, 11:40 am

Hey, it's been quite the while. I used to hang around here more, ages ago, but just kind of stopped.. Anyway, I just brought home a new mouse after like, say, nine or ten months? I found him on Kijiji.. He is 9 months old and his name is Nitro.
Finally got another mouse Nitro210
Finally got another mouse Nitro110
Isn't he pretty?
His cage is pretty dirty so I'm planning on cleaning it today, and giving him the larger wheel I have.. His current one seems small, and I notice he holds up his tail a lot.
I hope he enjoys himself here. I'm a little worried.. I've never taken in an older mouse before, but he didn't run away when we picked up his cage, and on the long and bumpy drive home he still came out to explore here and there. I'm nervous about getting him used to me but hopefully it works out.
I might just leave him in his cage since it's about the same size as my old tank, and it has better ventilation anyway, being a cage.
I will switch his food mix too, since it looks pretty junky.
I hope he likes his new home. I'm glad to be caring for a mouse again.

Oh, yeah - I believe I caught him sparking a little shortly after placing his cage in my room. :O)

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