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Mama mouse attacking her babies?

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Mama mouse attacking her babies? Empty Mama mouse attacking her babies?

Post by Daisymouse Thu 28 Jun 2018, 10:22 pm

My mouse Daisy had babies a while back. They are four weeks old and I’m separating the males tomorrow. I plan to keep the females in the cage with her. She did scuffle with one of the girls once but after that they were fine for a while. Now mom keeps picking on th same girl and I hear squeaking around every five minutes. The girl she’s picking on is very sweet and never starts any of the fights or does anything to provoke them. I understand that they may scufffle a while since she’s growing more independent, but she doesn’t pick on any of the others. I’m wondering if having the cage cramped with the males is bothering her? How much fighting is too much?

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