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Introducing female mice.

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Introducing female mice. Empty Introducing female mice.

Post by diamond7 Mon 02 Jul 2018, 12:30 pm

Tail Flip I adopted (Whiskers) a female mouse on 6/22/18. Age unknown, but I think she is mid aged.  I have a 30 month old female (Lily) that I want to introduce to Whiskers.  I have a kids wading pool as a playground that I currently let each of my mice (I have 4) play in it one at a time each day. I built a intro pen with a removable mesh screen partition.  I have put each of the girls into the intro pen and switched sides after 15 - 20 minutes. Yesterday and today after the intro pen I placed Whiskers and Lily into the pool playpen.  The older female (Lily)chased Whiskers and they fought some.  after 20 minutes I put them back into the into pen and removed the screen partition.  There were tubes and other paper cushions for them to run through., 2 wheels, their water bottles and food dishes. So while in it today, Lily drew blood on Whiskers back and tail.  I saw that sometimes when the older one(Lily) approached the younger one(Whiskers), Whiskers would sit up on her haunches and Lily would squint her eyes and back away.  Lily also has rattled her tail several times.  Other times they would get real close and be almost nose to nose, and the younger one stands her spot and the older one runs off.  After about  1+1/2 hours and several physical encounters I placed each back in her own pen. Is this a normal encounter or should I leave them apart?  When I adopted Whiskers, I noticed from previous visits that she had a cut on her back and missing fur in that area, also both ears are gone. Sometime in her past she must have been in a fight or got caught by some other animal and got her ears damaged.  The cut healed fine and some white fur has grown back where the cut was, she is mostly brown.  She is a very gentle mouse and likes to have her (ear nubs) rubbed, she turns her head to the side so I can rub her cheek at the same time.  If these intros don't get better how can I make sure I don't stress Whiskers out too much?

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