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Mama Mouse won't let me near her or her babies

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Mama Mouse won't let me near her or her babies Empty Mama Mouse won't let me near her or her babies

Post by Googy Montague on Tue 17 Jul 2018, 4:51 pm

I have been trying and trying for the past four days now, I haven't even left the house in that amount of time for fear I might lose the opportunity to "coax" her away from her pile of (17 day old) babies. I was able to get the nanny (her granddaughter) into another cage but now, she won't leave the babies, only saw her away maybe twice and I have been waiting so patiently and gently tried to have her eat peanut butter inside a tube (where I could then move her and have access to the babies without her becoming upset by me opening up her nest in front of her. Which I think is a good idea because honestly, she has had one litter before this one, and I think she is mad at me (still) and stopped trusting me completely about the time when I had to separate the boys from the girls and then finally re-home all of her babies. She seems to know I am the one responsible because she used to trust me. When she was pregnant before, it was she acts like she is scared of me, very distrustful. It makes me so sad because she was such a brave little mouse before, always the first to investigate everything but not now, now she is almost downright skittish.
In any case, I just don't know what to do, I want to reunite the nanny and her again but I want to socialize the babies. I don't want a bunch of scared mice. That's no way to live.

Googy Montague
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Mama Mouse won't let me near her or her babies Empty Re: Mama Mouse won't let me near her or her babies

Post by AmyLynn on Thu 26 Jul 2018, 4:54 pm

My Nanny mouse did not like to leave the nest. I put a toilet paper roll in-front of the hole of the nest and simply waited for her to walk through to get food and water.

As far a repairing your relationship with your mouse I saw some suggestions of putting in a piece of material or a sock with the end cut off that smells like you. It is supposed to make them connect your smell with comforting things. Love I will have to look for the article of the reasoning. I would also suggest being careful to pick a material that is mouse safe so that it the ripe it up they can not get their tinny paws caught in it.

Best of luck!

Amy Lynn
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