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Are my mice fighting or playing?

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Are my mice fighting or playing? Empty Are my mice fighting or playing?

Post by banana2004 Sun 29 Jul 2018, 6:44 am

How can you tell if two mice are playing or fighting because I have two and one that I got a few days ago I was told might be pregnant and it appears to be building a nest and won't let the other come anywhere near her whereas yesterday they wouldn't do anything without each other. They would play together, drink together, eat together, and sleep cuddling each other and now they are chasing each other and squeaking. I'm not sure if they are playing or if they are fighting.
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Are my mice fighting or playing? Empty Re: Are my mice fighting or playing?

Post by CallaLily Sun 29 Jul 2018, 4:01 pm

Generally it’s recommended to quarantine new mice for at least 3 weeks. This way you can be sure they’re healthy, watch for pregnancy, and give them plenty of one-on-one taming time to help introductions go more smoothly. It’s too late to worry about that now, but just a heads up for any future meecies. Gotcha More on quarantine here:

If she is pregnant, you may want to consider separating her to a private nursery tank. Some do like to leave a “nanny” mouse with their moms, but it can be a risk. Especially with mice from untracked lines that aren’t bonded. More on pregnancy/baby care here:

With that aside, to answer your question about fighting, things like chasing, squeaking, mounting are pretty normal behaviors between females just introduced and establishing who’s in charge. You only really need to be concerned if blood is drawn or if one mouse is being so beaten and bullied she’s not allowed to eat or drink enough. More on introductions here:

I hope this helps. Definitely read into the pros and cons of nanny mice and decide from there. If your one girl is really pregnant, I personally recommend separating them — but that’s just based on research. I have no real experience with preggo mice. Good luck!

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