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Telling Apart Twins.

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Telling Apart Twins. Empty Telling Apart Twins.

Post by Plazmotech Tue 21 Aug 2018, 3:58 am

So this is a bit weird. I've never had twins before, but I got a couple of 6 week old Siamese Fox twins a few weeks ago. They were identical little babies. But I thought that once their fur started darkening they'd darken a bit different and I'd be able to tell them apart. It's been several weeks now and they still look identical, fur darkening the exact same way!

Now all my other mice have names but these two do not! I can only tell them apart based on personality when I'm holding them. When out of the cage, one is a bit more spastic and the other is content to sit there and be petted. But it's still very hard to tell depending on their moods.

Are there any tricks for this? I was thinking of borrowing a page from the beekeeper's book: many beekeepers put a dot of paint on the back of the Queen Bee's abdomen to make spotting her easier. I was considering doing the same to one's ear: putting a small dab on non-toxic paint. But considering mice's grooming habits, I'm still worried this would cause issues for them, or that they'd easily clean it off.

For any LoTR fans out there: We named our tricolor mouse "Gandalf" so in the spirit of Wizardry we've nicknamed these twins "The Two Blue Wizards" lol

Five lil girls -- Pebble, Poppy, Gandalf, and the Two Blue Wizards, Periwinkle and Mist! RIP Snoopy and Nibbles. We miss you <3

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Telling Apart Twins. Empty Re: Telling Apart Twins.

Post by CallaLily Tue 21 Aug 2018, 12:25 pm

It can be tough!  I had two PEW girls and then later two agouti sisters. It took really looking for the tiny differences in appearance and personality.

Cheeseburger was slightly larger than Bacon and Bacon’s ears were less perky than Cheese’s. Bacon was also way more shy.

Rina had the tinyest bit of pink on the very tip of her tail (though it became less noticeable as she got older) and had a small tear in one of her ears that Celyn did not.

But until you find these differences it would be safe to use food coloring or I’ve even seen sharpie is said to be safe to mark them. It will wear or be groomed off after a while, so it will need to be reapplied until it’s not needed.

I find myself in this position again with two of my adult gerbils. Now that Merin is finished growing it’s tough to tell him and Oghren apart. But their faces are shaped slightly different and Merin has a tiny bit more white coming up his sides. It’s still a bit hard when they’re not side-by-side. And I’m still looking for differences in the four agouti babies. girl_sigh

Btw, we have a dog named Gandalf. Very Happy

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