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Post by Taleofdespereaux on Tue 28 Aug 2018, 10:01 pm

I just got a new mouse (I’m a first time owner) and I love him already. However, my dog does not. She has been freaking out all afternoon! Is there any way I can introduce them I’d make desperaux smell less (male mouse, very stinky) so that my dog can’t smell him. Or will my dog just calm down with time. Does anyone have any experience keeping both dogs and mice? What are products you find help lessen the scent (preferably cheap, I am only a student)

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Post by Lizardian on Wed 29 Aug 2018, 1:12 am

Most dogs have fantastic sense of smell - even if you were to eliminate odors to where you couldn't smell the mouse, your dog would likely still be able to.
Here are some ways to help reduce the smell: use a good, absorbent bedding. I like carefresh paper bedding. Be sure to change the bedding once a week and many mouse owners recommend to spot-clean daily. Also make sure you are feeding your mouse a good diet. Junky diets can make their urine stinkier.
I've only had males and I've never been able to smell them, even when I've neglected cleaning their cage for a while. So either I've been really lucky or I have a bad sense of smell. lol.

Sometimes mice and dogs can "get along", but I'd be very careful. I take it your dog is going crazy trying to get to him in his cage too?  If you can, I would actually keep the cage in a separate room and not allow the dog in there when you can't supervise them. Whether she gets better in time really depends on the dog. But If the dog has a high prey-drive there's not going to be too much you can do, I would never be able to trust my cats or my Jack Russell mix around my mice. However, some of the other members may have more experience & success with dogs & mice together than I so hopefully they'll pop in.

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