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Weight gain In male

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Weight gain In male Empty Weight gain In male

Post by Veroalij Thu 06 Sep 2018, 4:57 am

Eugene has been without his wheel about 2-3 days. I was building him a suitable replacement to avoid wheel tail. His last one was too small.

He had tunnels and things to climb on during those days. He did put on weight and started eating more and less active. Now he has what I think is a fat roll on his head. (Picture for reference)Weight gain In male Photo_10

I finished the wheel yesterday and set it up for him. He won't get on it, just runs around searching for food. Also he won't come to me anymore when I call him. HWeight gain In male Photo_10
just runs away. He just wants to sleep and eat all day.

How do I get him back into being active?
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Weight gain In male Empty Re: Weight gain In male

Post by CallaLily Thu 06 Sep 2018, 10:42 am

His ears seem perky but he’s kind of looking like a mouse that doesn’t feel too well to me. But maybe it’s just the angle of the shot? Do you think you could snag another picture to share?

Weight wise he looks perfectly fine to me.

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