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Wire Cages

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Wire Cages Empty Wire Cages

Post by HeyImSomeone Mon 17 Sep 2018, 11:15 pm

I'm looking for a wire cage that has durable plastic (so mice won't chew through it). I want it to be less than $80, as thats about the cost of a 20 gallon plus a lid.
The bar spacing is very important as I don't want my mice to escape.

I have found a few cages:
The 528 Prevue Pet Cage (Is it too big for 3 mice?)
The Amazon Basics Large Cage (Don't know about bar spacing)
Living World Standard Habitat (Is it too big for 3 mice?, don't know bar spacing)

Also, are tanks better than wire cages? Would a wire cage make the room stink?

Have you found any good wire cages?

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Wire Cages Empty Re: Wire Cages

Post by CallaLily Wed 19 Sep 2018, 7:10 am

I don’t see the actual measurements but the second two look like the wire spacing is much too big. The first one has wire spacing suitable for most adult mice (3/8”). Young or small mice may still manage to squeeze through. In the questions I see the inside cage measurements are said to be 30”x16”, which is just 4 inches wider than a 20 long and the cage is a littler taller too. I think it would make a good space for 3 mice. If you decide on it, double check for wider gaps near the doors and corners.

I’ve never used cages. I’ve stuck with tanks because they’re easy to clean, very secure, and I can find them pretty cheap used or on sale (much cheaper than most cages - I got my current 20 long used with lid, great condition, $25).

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