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Help!!  Empty Help!!

Post by Tippity Top Kat Wed 26 Sep 2018, 7:07 pm

Help!!  15380010

Short version: I’m introducing a single mouse into a current group of 2- the last meeting didn’t go well, blood was drawn and I don’t know where to go from here.

Long version: I have 3 female mice- however I only had 2, they are sisters and came together. I got a 3rd mouse to add to their group and she has been through her quarantine period and I’m now trying to introduce them slowly. My new girl is very loving and is DESPERATE to be with my other 2, and I’m not surprised because it has been over a month at this point that she has been without another female mouse living with her. I started introducing by getting them used to each other’s smells, swapping toys and bowls etc, meeting in short bursts on neutral territory and all that and it seemed to go really well, a couple of little tussles but no blood= no foul. One of my older girls is perfectly fine with my newbie, they have had no fights and are happy to snuggle up in a nest together and just chill. However my other older girl ( who, for context, is quite shy with people and is very busy- shes the one who makes the nests and cleans while my other girl just plays) does not like my newbie, they had their tussles on neutral ground but they worked it out them selves and then went back to there business, however I tried putting my new girl in the others enclosure today, and she was fine with my easy going oldie but had a proper fight with my other darling. Blood was drawn and I have removed my newbie obviously but I’m really concerned that those 2 may never get along. My newbie had nothing on her that I could see but the other mouse has a gash on her face by her eye ( the picture) and some blood splatter on her chin. I’m really confused because the newbie does so well with my other mouse but she must have been the aggressor in the last fight?? I don’t know what to do, this is my first time introducing a new mouse to a group . Have I gone too fast with the process?- is there anything else I can do ?? and also at what point do I make the call that actually they aren’t a good mix and I won’t be able to integrate her into the group?? Sorry for the long post I’m just so lost and stressed about it all- any advice at all will be much appreciated 😣

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