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Savage Mouse! Help!

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Savage Mouse! Help! Empty Savage Mouse! Help!

Post by Ivy The Cat on Sun 30 Sep 2018, 9:18 am

My mouse Smoky (female) is biting me whenever she gets the chance. Like when I'm feeding another one of my girls, she runs towards me and bites me. She doesn't draw blood, but it hurts. She went through the same taming process as my other two girls and they are fine and happy around me. Also, Smoky never bites my mom. But she does bite me and my dad. Any ideas? I need help!
Ivy The Cat
Ivy The Cat
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Savage Mouse! Help! Empty Re: Savage Mouse! Help!

Post by peas on Fri 19 Oct 2018, 1:42 am

Some mice are like that. Just be aware of where she is and try not to make too big a deal about it. You can gently blow on her back, gently telling her no when she does it. Some mice just take longer to get used to people and some mice never really learn so well that your fingers aren't something different than your face, they see you as like 2 different things LOL

Does she have time outside the tank in a safe spot? They can be less territorial outside the tank in their play areas.

Just be careful when they do bite, not to pull your hand away too fast as sometimes they can cling on your finger and go flying. That is why it is important to not get bitten even though it doesn't hurt it can be dangerous so you have to be extra careful with the bitey ones.

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