Driving Cross Country w. Mouse

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Driving Cross Country w. Mouse

Post by ontheroad on Mon 08 Oct 2018, 12:33 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have joined this forum to consult with y'all since you are wise and knowed in the ways of the mice. I have had my mouse for a little over 2 years. He's a white albino, was originally a "feeder" mouse. I was told he was a few months old when I got him but I have no way of knowing if that's true. He does not like to be handled, he's very nippy, so we mostly interact through the tank walls and when I clean out his tank and change up his toys.

I am going to be moving from the east coast to Colorado next month and will be driving. I'd really like to bring him with me, but I'm not sure what the best way to do that is. He currently lives in a 20 gallon tank, which would take up a lot of real estate in my car, so I'd prefer to pack the tank (I'm shipping pods) and put him in a smaller container/home for travel. Plus, I will be making the drive over 4 days (driving 6-8 hours a day), and will need to bring him into the hotel room each night. Because I'm also bringing my dog, who will sit in the backseat, he will have to ride in the way back (it's a hatchback car, so not in the trunk).

What do you think? Is he too old to survive this journey? Would it be more stressful to take him than to rehome him? If I do take him, do you have any recommendations for what type of container/home he should be in for travel? Has anyone done this before?

Thanks for all your advice. Confused Love

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Re: Driving Cross Country w. Mouse

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop on Mon 08 Oct 2018, 5:50 pm

The Creek Valley Critters YouTube page has a video titled "Travelling with Mice - Getting Ready to Go".  Watch that first.

If you never take your mousie out anywhere, I'd set up the travel mousehouse and take him for some practice trips, just around where you live, so the actual journey won't be such a strange experience.  And I'd ride him up front with you, out of the path of hot or cold air blowing from the vents.  He may like to nibble you, but you are his family, and he will be comforted to be able to smell/see you nearby amid all the road noise and strange smells.

Plus, if the mobile mousehouse is up front with you it will be easier for you to make sure mousie is in a comfortable temperature, and for you to check how he's doing from time to time - especially if you need to check on him in a hurry, like if you hear something clunk when you're making a turn or braking.

In that regard, be sure to figure out how to secure the mousehouse in place, and to secure anything you decide to put inside or to use lightweight/soft objects.  Don't want any injuries if stuff tumbles.

You can keep the mobile mousehouse contents to a fair minimum.  Mousies like to sleep during the day, so he might just zonk for much of the road time to Colorado anyway.

I have some advice on accommodations too, but even though I had this thing all typed up down to the last paragraph I hit my backspace key and deleted everything except the first sentence.  And now I have to hurry out of this building before the night alarm activates, and I have no computer service at my house.  So I'll continue this novel tomorrow, OK?

* * * * * * * * * *

Continued the next day ...

When I was planning to take little April on a one-night-away road trip, I didn't just look for a pet-friendly place to stay. I looked for a non-chain motel, preferably one of those places where the mom-n-pop owners really run the place and know what goes on there.

The first place I tried, I spoke to them by phone to make sure they didn't mind a mouse, in an enclosure, staying there -- because I was going to have to drive further on to see some friends from my past in concert, and leave April on her own for a few hours, and I did not want somebody coming in to work on the climate control or to drop off more towels and have a freak-out over a wee white mousie! Once we agreed there were no objections to a mouse, I also made sure they hadn't done any pest spraying, weren't planning to do any pest spraying, and had no sonic repellers. I didn't want April breathing in chemicals that, even though "safe" for human exposure, could irritate her breathing or even be toxic, and I didn't want her to endure a stay in a place bombarded with a continuous ultrasonic blast. All clear on that too.

The stay went very well. At check-in I introduced myself and said mousie April was out in the car asleep, and the lady motel owner wanted to see her. April went shy and wasn't keen on making a new friend, but was pronounced to be quite adorable nonetheless. After unloading the car and getting ready to head out for the show, I set April up with some low lighting in the room and the television tuned to a movie station, since that would be close to a normal evening for her. I propped the little travel tank up stably by wrapping it around three sides with the bed sheets (leaving the side facing the telly unobstructed), then put the sweatshirt I had been wearing all day on top of the propping-up sheets, so April could smell me close by in this strange place even when I was in another town. I saw the show, visited briefly with the folks from my past, and then drove back up the two-lane to the motel. April was just fine, watching "The Great Escape".

Well, that's how it all worked out for me, and for April, with a level of pre-trip preparation I was able to squeeze in and was comfortable with. A bit over a year later I began making a plan to take Miss April with me on a two-night road trip ... but she began to ail and I forgot all about vacation. April went to Mousie Heaven two weeks later, and there was no vacation. No Shakespeare Festival. No birthday. I was in mourning.

Of course with your little mousie fellow over two years already, there is a risk that he will not handle travel well. But if you think things out before you leave, you can make the transit safe and comfortable for him. And he will at least be with his family, which is what he really wants.

(P.S. Your message uses "y'all", so maybe you are in the south part of the U.S. east coast, but if you are in the north and will be taking I-80 to Colorado, and need a place to stay in Ohio, the motel where April and I overnighted was the Old Orchard in Fremont. There was also a 24-hour Tim Horton's in downtown Fremont -- handy if you need a hot cocoa and an apple fritter before hitting the road early in the morning!)

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