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Bar spacing for ASFs?

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Bar spacing for ASFs? Empty Bar spacing for ASFs?

Post by Sam Thu 11 Oct 2018, 12:33 pm

Hey there! I'm wondering if anyone knows what bar spacing is okay for African soft furs? I recently found a decent sized bar cage for six dollars at a thrift shop and I think it'll work great for one of my boys. Even as a temporary cage it's a steal, because I know the hide they included is worth 8$ alone Very Happy It's got the floorspace of a twenty gallon and has amazing height.. I'm just worried that they may be able to escape through the 1/2 inch spacing. Need be I'll cover the thing in hardware cloth, but I'd rather not have to

I tried a couple of my babies in it and they did get out through one spot where the bars are a little over 1/2 inch spacing. I'd try my adult male in it to see, but he may have mites and I already have the cage set up and would rather not wash it again

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