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Bulging and cloudy eye.

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Bulging and cloudy eye. Empty Bulging and cloudy eye.

Post by Plazmotech Thu 11 Oct 2018, 10:26 pm

I just noticed one of my mice has a very bulgy and clouded eye. This mouse has always had regular bulgy eyes, but this isn't that. It's way, way way bulgier than normal to the point of being creepy and almost made me sick. Here's a photo. My apologies it's really hard to get it in focus.

Here's the issue. I've done my research, and theres a million things it could be. Corneal ulcer, infection in the eye, inner ear infection, or even pituitary tumor. I know that if I take her to the vet, she MIGHT be able to find out what's wrong. But I have just finished treating my mice for URIs, all five of them, and that took two vet visits and a lot of medicine and has cost me a pretty penny. I also know this mouse is nearing the end of her life. She's quite old, over 2 years. I feel like a :censored: person for not wanting to take her to the vet, but the financial situation is rough right now and I cant afford a third vet visit and even more medicine this month, especially if it might only give her another few months. Or even worse, if it's a tumor and there's absolutely nothing they can do.

What can I do to ease her pain? I assume she's in pain at least. She's never been the most social mouse to begin with, so her social tendencies haven't changed much. I gave her some treats, and she's eating without hesitance. Her poop while handling her was a sort of slimy diarrhea, but she doesn't like being handled and I've had mice in the past that get nervous diarrhea while being handled. I'll keep watching to see if she drinks anything. I also blew lightly in her face to see if she could close the eye. Luckily, she can.

I washed the area lightly with water on a piece of soft toilet paper. And then I applied a tiny bit of polysporin in area and wiped away the excess. I'll be monitoring her drinking and playing habits.

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Bulging and cloudy eye. Empty Re: Bulging and cloudy eye.

Post by Nijimi にじみ Fri 12 Oct 2018, 4:22 pm

I had the same problem with my oldest mouse and I was in a rough spot too... It is an infection and it can be solved with antibiotics. Rats can have fish and human antibiotics but it is in very small doses!!! The amount for mice is very small. And if you give your mouse antibiotics for too short or too long, it can develop super bugs. I asked professionals and also did research online. If you do have antibiotics just sprinkle it on treats, food, or fruit. Good luck!

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