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The Circus Grows!

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The Circus Grows! Empty The Circus Grows!

Post by Cyanidealist Sat 13 Oct 2018, 11:17 pm

All right, folks. This post is mostly to celebrate the lives of my three new mice, and to tell the story of how the path I've chosen has rocked my world and bumped me around.

A couple weeks ago, I got my first mouse. This mouse was a cute little white critter with curious ruby eyes and big attentive ears. I was very excited, this having been my first mouse, and I'd cased the pet shop for a week prior. I'd basically cased all the pet joints on the island that sold mice, bought some items from each of them in preparation. And then I did it. I made the final decision. I walked out of the shop triumphant and excited to get home but that wouldn't be happening, immediately. This was about the time my car began to have real problems, and indeed it had a major problem that day.

One quick jump and a slight panic later and I was on a mission for a new car battery, with a side-quest to settle my mouse in at home first. The car wouldn't start once turned off, and this continued for the next couple days even after. Stress became my life; my mouse showed a paw defect, my car was still defective despite a new battery, and the cats I was taking care of kept waking me up at 5am to feed them when they knew full well that later soon the'd be auto-fed, and I was the most senior person in charge at work for the next two weeks. Life was ruff, but one long poll and a tough decision later, and I had a name for my mouse and a mouse itself to call my friend. Furdinand has so far become one of my greatest personal achievements. I've proven that I can plan, research, and take care of a mouse pet, thus far. And then my male mouse turned out to be female. I guess it's time to get more mice!

Four days ago, I was idly observing Furdinand the Adventurer when I noticed that the genital area looks suspiciously more female than male, as I'd looked the differences up with my friend upon inspecting her feeder mice. After chatting animatedly and enthusiastically about the prospect of my mouse perhaps being female and therefore needing more company, I made the trek to the pet shop that guaranteed had females, and now I have three mice. The two new ones (Bubble and Jonesy) are much smaller than Furdinand, which has led me to believe that Furdinand is much older than I thought she was. She will retain her name, it doesn't matter to her what I call her as long as she knows it's me, right? Mice don't get offended by being named things not gender appropriate! Razz

Jonesy is a super active, kind of feisty little black mouse with paler ears, and Bubble is a greyish brown solid color mouse with little light tufts behind her ears, and I love them both as much as I love Furdinand. I had bought a large tub that I was going to convert into a bigger play-area for Furdinand before I knew I'd need more mice, so now Furdinand lives there with her toys and her necessities, and the other two are quarantined in the tank. I'm enthusiastic about the future of my mice, and I hope they get along well! My over-preparing has all paid off, given that now I have two of everything I need and enough space for all three mice. This has been a wild two or so weeks, and I'm glad I've decided to add my tiny friends to my life. They've given me something to focus on instead of my loneliness.

I feel like I've turned my life on its edge and siphoned out some of the old, stagnating parts that keep me complacent and unhappy. Nothing is the same except my job, I live in a different place because my parents wouldn't let me have mice at home and I needed a reason to move out. I have mice instead of dogs now, and I love my mice a lot. What a turn I've taken in the path of Life; I would never have guessed I'd end up here. Very Happy


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The Circus Grows! Empty Re: The Circus Grows!

Post by animalgirl555 Wed 09 Nov 2022, 7:20 pm

Something similar happened to me actually. I had gotten 2 mice that I believed were females. Just wanted to double-check, I realized they were males. I had to return one of the mice, and I was left with one mouse. Things were fine for about a week, but as my mouse got older, I realized that their genitals didn't look the same as a male's. I checked their gender AGAIN, and now MY MOUSE HAS NIPPLES???!!! So then I had to go back to the pet store and got another mouse, this one is DEFINITELY a female Smile Haha, owning mice is pretty crazy Very Happy
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