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Maximum ASF colony size?

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Maximum ASF colony size? Empty Maximum ASF colony size?

Post by Sam Tue 16 Oct 2018, 2:07 am

As some people here may know, one of my three original ASF rats had an accidental litter because the breeder gave me three females and a male instead of all girls. Eleven healthy babies later and I'm having a terrible time finding homes so I'm preparing for the worst. I can comfortably keep five, but I do have the supplies to keep all of them need be. If I have to keep these three more girls I can either put them in a 600 sq inch bin cage, or preferably with my pre existing colony of six. That houses their mum, two aunts and three other sisters. Is nine too many? It's an 816 sq inch, completely DIY cage. It has a ton of climbing and burrowing space. Thanks Smile

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