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Post by ownerofcrumb Wed 17 Oct 2018, 3:12 pm


I have a young, black and white, male Fancy Mouse named Crumb who is in need of a new home (for free) due to no fault of his own. He is perfect in every way, and so sweet. He loves to sit on your shoulder or at the nape of your neck while you walk around the house. The only thing is that he has an extremely strong smell.

This problem might be aggravated by the fact that I live in a small dorm room, so it can get rather stuffy. He is the first mouse I've ever owned, so I'm fairly inexperienced when it comes to issues like this. I clean his tank once a week (throw out most of his old bedding and replace it with new bedding, but sprinkle some of the old bedding on top so his smell isn't completely gone and he doesn't feel the need to mark his territory even more). I also have a small bag of carbon mounted on the wall of his tank that is supposed to absorb some of the smell, and that worked for a few weeks, but it has since stopped working.

My roommate is also not a fan of him, and is constantly reminding me of how much he smells.

I am open to any suggestions people have to reduce his smell, as I am very attached to him and don't want to have to give him up, but if I can't find a resolution I think he'd do best in a new home with someone who has much more experience in caring for mice.

I currently live a little over an hour from Indianapolis, IN and about 45 minutes from Dayton, OH, and am willing to meet someone around this vicinity if they would like to take him. He'll come with a ball, food, bedding, water bottle, and carrying cage. He will be completely free as long as I know he is going to a home that will love him and take amazing care of him!

Thank you,


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Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop Wed 17 Oct 2018, 5:46 pm

It would be a shame to have to adopt Crumb out. Can you negotiate with your roommate for some more time to try out a few new things to freshen up the environment?

Can you tell -- is the stinkieness coming out of him physically, out of his bedding generally, or out of specific areas in his mousehouse?  After a cleaning, maybe you should spend some observation time, watching him -- even taking notes -- about where he goes, what he does there ... and doing sniff tests from time to time to see if certain activities correlate to stink production.

If there are specific areas he is zapping, you can try more frequent (even daily) spot cleaning and bedding exchange, including washing his soiled toys thoroughly.  I used to get the mousie stinkies out of April's really soiled items by washing first in vinegar/water solution, then in dilute Dawn dishwashing liquid (apple scent!).

You seem to be addressing the possibility of general bedding stink about as best as you can.  Perhaps a different bedding material, starting with just mixing some of the new in with what you are currently using?  But only if the smell is coming from all over in the bedding, of course.

As for the little guy, if he is, himself, the little stinky thing in the room, the most reliable way to remove most of the offending odour, unfortunately, is to neuter him.  Other than costing money, there is always the difficulty of finding a veterinarian who will do the procedure, ... AND the hazard of performing surgery on such a tiny creature.  I do not endorse this procedure, but I have read many accounts of how it works to solve the problem of male mouse smell.

Mousies aren't generally very fond of baths, either, but it's an option. You have to be sure to have the water temperature comfortably warm, use mouse-safe "shampoo" (again, diluted Dawn dishwashing liquid works), rinse thoroughly, and keep mousie warm while drying. Don't use a blow dryer -- too loud for mousie ears, and can dry out the skin.

Another thing to think about is that, if Crumb is picking up negative vibes from your roommate, he may be acting under stress to exert more control over his little living space -- which he does, of course, by making it smell more like himself.  I can't imagine how to convince your roommate how to be more accepting and kind to your beloved mouse, though, if she does not already love the little moop.  He sounds like a perfect little love!

If none of these other techniques help take care of the smell situation, maybe check with other people on your floor or in the same dorm to see if there is anybody who would like to take care of him for the semester.  Then he won't be so potentially far away, and you can still come to visit him.

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