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Post by peas Fri 19 Oct 2018, 1:53 am

I haven't been on in awhile, maybe 9 months or more?

My mouse Spongey is doing pretty good. He had chronic URIs for the first year of his life, needing doxycycline every 5 weeks pretty much like clockwork. The last 2 months though he has been URI free. I've never had a sickly mouse like him get better all of a sudden so I am pretty surprised and also happy I don't have to plan my life around his medicine times.

He is very happy lately, he likes it when I yell at him. He doesn't understand what I am saying of course, so I can just yell random nonsense at him and he sparks around trying to get at me and get away from me. He is also the cuddliest mouse ever, I basically massage him into goo everyday and he always wants more...... I still get the occasional bite if I am not on my toes in his cage though.

Unlike previous mice, he does not like his play pen at all. He'll just stand on the edge of it and wait to be picked up.

I am thinking of getting a colony of girls next, when he goes, maybe I will get 2 boys though. I thought about that too as I have room for 2 tanks in my new basement suite.

Oh, yeah Spongey, the weirdest thing about him is sometimes he'll have these long giant drinks. Like just super long, it's kind of cool cause we named him Spongey before he started sponging all the water.

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