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Lethargic Mouse not eating much

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Lethargic Mouse not eating much Empty Lethargic Mouse not eating much

Post by Raconni Wed 24 Oct 2018, 9:07 pm

Hello, I am brand new here and trying to help my daughter with her mouse who appears to be sick. He is not eating well and we tried to give him honey water and he is just nibbling a bit. He is shaky and wobbly when he moves and is lethargic.

He doesn't appear to have tumors, diarrhea, a cold or anything like that. He was given to us by a friend who could no longer have him and we have had him about a year. Best we know, he is about 2 years old. Help!


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Lethargic Mouse not eating much Empty Re: Lethargic Mouse not eating much

Post by chiroptera Thu 25 Oct 2018, 11:59 am

Unfortunately, 2 years old is rather elderly for a mouse, so it is possible that he's just on his way out. Sad

However, you can try enticing him with a favorite treat to kickstart his appetite. And if all else fails, you can syringe feed him the sugar water, or gatorade/pedialyte. I believe liquid children's Sudafed is also safe for mice (my roommates give it to their rats) but I'm not positive about that.

Just try to keep the little guy comfortable, and do your best to get him to eat. Remember that this isn't your fault- you've done a good job taking care of him during his life, and it might just be his time to go.


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