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How to put bacitracin on mouse?

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How to put bacitracin on mouse?  Empty How to put bacitracin on mouse?

Post by samandsheen Thu 25 Oct 2018, 1:26 am

My mouse either has ulcerative dermatitis or lice (according to the vet) but we are treating it for ulcerative dermatitis first. She has cuts under her chin, by her eye, and right under her ears so I have to put bacitracin on her every day. She is tame and loves to crawl on me, however, she is a mouse and never stays still. How can I put bacitracin on her without stressing her out so much? She absolutely hates it and I'm afraid she's going to despise me after putting her through all that. And sometimes I'm not even able to get it onto her cuts. Do you guys have any techniques for putting topical medicine on your mice?
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How to put bacitracin on mouse?  Empty Re: How to put bacitracin on mouse?

Post by AmyLynn Wed 07 Nov 2018, 5:18 pm

I have a mouse that loves to play games and chase things. If your mouse like that kind of activity turn it into a game. Use two cotton swabs. On for her to chase in your off hand and the other with the ointment in your good hand. while chasing your mouse chases one carefully swipe the ointment on her body with the other. Just be careful not to let her eat the swab she is chasing. Give her treats when she touches the swab. This tactic takes more time but is fun for your mouse and instead of scary. (this may work best for by the ears but perhaps not by the eyes.

If your mouse is not feeling well enough for fun and games or for by the can attempts to dilute peanut-butter and dip you finger in the PB. let the mouse lick the PB of your finger while you use a cotton swab to apply the ointment. (or your finger) If your mouse is not tame or you feel that you need both hands free you can always tie up a baby carrot dipped in the diluted PB.

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