Curious about play.

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Curious about play.

Post by oriaxel on Sun 04 Nov 2018, 9:02 pm

So, ages and ages ago I watched a video of someone's pet mouse ringing a bell outside a door, to get the human to open it! Now, I would never let my boy roam around my home, as I have two cats... But I would love to be able to trust him to come back to me if I let him roam around my bedroom. How do you train your mouse to do those things? Pietro loves getting scratched, and loves treats, but when I've tried to teach him little tricks (I tried teaching him to stand on command for... A couple months? As well as to come when I call his name) and nothing... Though he does come out of his house when I 'knock,' on the top. While I don't NEED to have Pietro learn tricks, or run around outside his house, I think it would be fun for him. All he really knows is what he's seen through his plastic hamster ball.

(Here's the video of the mouse ringing the bell, and another of an obstacle course because wwwwoooow. Shocked )

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