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*SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area

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*SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area  Empty *SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area

Post by nvegan05 on Wed 21 Nov 2018, 12:24 am

Hi all!

I need help!

Last year we rescued a feeder mouse and has made a great companion! Somehow a field mouse got into our home and has impregnated her while she was in the cage!! (seriously) WTF.

We now have about 7 babies (adorable mice)! we definitely cannot keep them and they need great homes. As the weather gets colder outside I'm afraid it may get too late to safely free them after they finish feeding of course.
Please take them Smile! Please!

Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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here is an amazing video of the babes.

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*SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area  Empty Re: *SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area

Post by Roseheart on Sat 02 Feb 2019, 7:48 pm

Wish I could've had one but I already have 14 babies
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*SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area  Empty Re: *SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area

Post by MouseLover on Sun 03 Feb 2019, 5:39 am

Unfortunately, regardless of the weather, you cannot "safely free" the babies. They are half domesticated mouse, raised by a domesticated mouse in a cage, and as such they will not have the right attributes (either genetically or in experience) to have a good chance of survival. Less than 5% of wild mice make it to their first year (largely due to predators), so half-domestic babies would have an even worse chance. They will be genetically less hardy, and they won't even have a wild mother to "show them the ropes".

Your original mouse should not be living alone anyway, as mice are highly social animals. I would recommend "sexing" the babies (figuring out which are male and female) and keeping at least 2 of her female babies with her. That also means there's less babies you need to find homes for.

P.S. It's not important, but incase you're interested: a field mouse is a separate species of mouse, and as far as I'm aware they can't interbreed with "fancy mice" which are descendants of the house mouse. So a house mouse is likely the culprit Wink

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*SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area  Empty Re: *SOS* 7 Baby mice available NYC area

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