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Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice

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Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice Empty Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice

Post by pokemonsz Mon 26 Nov 2018, 4:02 pm

Hi all,

I've been posting about Benji recently and today he is at his worst. Leading up to this for a couple weeks, he has been balding on his head and neck and growing lethargic as well as letting his incisors grow out. He was still eating and drinking though.

Today I found his this morning buried head down in his bedding (digging is unusual for him) with his tail poking out. I picked him up and realized he was barely moving and having very labored breathing. This is where we are today. He was okay last night (okay being generous) after I cleaned his bin, still trying to eat and getting around. But now today he can make no effort to eat or drink, and the vet is closed.

What can I do to make him comfortable? He keeps trying to bury himself, is that suicidal behavior? I feel like at this stage he is just suffering and I was wondering if euthanasia would be the best option.

Thank you. Here is a recent photo of him in his recently weakened state.
Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice 20181110

Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice Boys_g10
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Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice Empty Re: Mouse dying, vet not open, looking for advice

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop Mon 26 Nov 2018, 6:07 pm

So the doctor ruled out parasites and sepsis and allergies and nutritional deficiency? Benji is just failing to thrive?

No answers -- just a few clinical observations:

In the picture, little Benji appears to be squinting.  That would be a sure sign of pain.  (If he is snoozing, or the camera caught him in mid-blink, then never mind.)

You know how our little animal friends do their best to mask any infirmities, so predators or competitors won't jump to take advantage of their weakness?  My guess would be that Benji realizes he can't put on his "I'm not sick!" face anymore, and instinctively burrows to hide from anything that would be able to see that he is not well and cause him harm.

If you are going to try to ease him through the night, with a plan to see his doctor tomorrow, you may have to sit up with him a great deal, basically performing hospice service.  Maybe put a folded blanket across your lap, and put some fleece on top for him to lie on.  Paper towel between the blanket and the fleece will absorb if he has an "accident" while resting there.  Keep things quiet and not too bright, have soft food and water handy for him and offer it often, and make sure he is comfortably warm.  If there is a special treat he rarely gets, maybe he would respond favorably to having it offered to him now.  Above all, be VERY gentle with him, and if you have him out always be aware of where he is and move carefully in his presence.

I have no advice regarding what you might give him for pain relief. Even if I had expertise in that field, not knowing what is wrong I'd be afraid to make the situation worse with side-effects.

Be sure you have a summary of all of these various problems he's been having, and a timeline -- as best as you can remember -- so if you make it to the vet with Benji tomorrow you will be able to help the doctor narrow down what the problem might be.  If it's anything that can be helped.

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