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How can I stop her from barbering?

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How can I stop her from barbering? Empty How can I stop her from barbering?

Post by maizazia Mon 03 Dec 2018, 3:06 pm

Hey all, I have a girl mouse who used to live alone and overgroomed herself excessively. I interacted as much as I could, but she never stopped and ended up with a bald belly. Before she was alone she also barbered the other mouse she lived with. Recently I got two new female mice to live with her to make her happier, but also hoped that maybe with them there she would stop her barbering. I thought maybe with company, perhaps a new dominant mouse, and more to do, it might be a habit that would go away. Unfortunately, as I feared, she is now barbering the other two mice. Both of their whiskers are gone and their snouts are looking quite bald. I believe my mouse is OCD. I've been interrupting the barbering when I see it happening, but I am usually gone for a good portion of the day and cannot watch them every second, so I don't know if interrupting has done any good because it isn't consistent. I love my mouse but I cant have her making the other two miserable. Is there any way to stop this behavior?

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