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African soft fur protein needs?

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African soft fur protein needs? Empty African soft fur protein needs?

Post by Sam Tue 04 Dec 2018, 3:08 pm

Hi there!

I've read on this forum that asfs have the same dietary needs as mice, but I've been reading elsewhere that they need much higher protein. First from multiple owners, one of which I trust to have done their research and the rest are breeders who I disagree with on many things so I'm hesitant to trust them. A couple old care sheets I've found say they need high protein, though their other info also really doesn't seem all that reliable. I had my asfs on a high protein food temporarily (it was a couple months until I could get another food) with 19%. They did fine. Now they're on my 13% protein mouse food and also doing fine. I've been told/read that they need 22% protein and up, so I figured I'd try to understand where either side gets their numbers.

So for the people here who say they need the same as mice, where'd you get that?

//And for anyone who might recognize me, I found homes for two male asf pups. Other than them they're still all mine, with the addition of Ramen a mouse and Jaberwocky an asf. Time to update my signature I think

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