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Poorly mouse

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Poorly mouse Empty Poorly mouse

Post by lisaf Fri 21 Dec 2018, 12:49 pm

Hi, I'm new on here and am seeking some advice. About 3wks ago my daughter was handling her mice and she thinks she held Tippy too tight when she thought she was going to fall. About 5mins later when Tippy was back in her cage I noticed she was stumbling out of her wheel and she was occasionally stumbling when walking. I took her straight to the vet the next day and they said they couldn't notice anything obvious but gave me some painkillers to take home. They said if she had damaged something there wasn't anything they could do due to her being so small. To this day Tippy is still eating and drinking but is sadly losing weight and is now hunched and dragging her back legs along. I can see she moves her legs occasionally so she's not paralysed but she has obviously hurt her back or maybe pelvis and is going downhill. I'm devastated and wondered if anyone knows anything I can do, I've been putting off having her put to sleep in the hope she's not suffering and that she's just a disabled mouse.. She has a sister that will also miss her terribly, what should I do?

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Poorly mouse Empty Re: Poorly mouse

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop Fri 21 Dec 2018, 7:41 pm

Poor little Tippy.  It sounds like she still has symptoms of pain, despite the medication.  She may have organ damage, which I have no advice for.

Nerve, bone, muscle, or joint damage -- it's hard to think of a plan of treatment without things like x-rays and patient input (please, little mousie, tell me if it hurts here?  here?).  But in a pinch, I'll let you know a remedy that comes to my family from members who fled Eastern Europe during the days of Bolshevik mayhem:  copper.

Not those elastic back supports and things that are soaked in some kind of copper solution that eventually washes out, mind you, I'm talking about the actual metal.

In my realm of personal knowledge, when my mother began experiencing arthritis in her hands and wrists, her mother-in-law (that would be one of my grandmothers) told her to wear a copper bracelet on the afflicted wrist.  She did, and the inflammation (pain and swelling) went away every time.

I have used copper in various forms (taped-on pennies, coiled copper wire from the hardware store, copper dish-scrubbing cloth) to bring down swelling and infection (including a raging case of cellulitis) within just hours, and to calm arm and shoulder muscle cramps that resulted from a crazy shoulder subluxation.  (I have hypermobility, and fell asleep, exhausted, in a really bad position.  When I woke up four hours later I wasn't sure if the top of my arm was even in the same room with the rest of my shoulder!)

You would have to be somewhat creative to figure out how to work some copper into Tippy's environment.  And remember that copper conducts electricity, so don't do anything with power cords or batteries around copper.  I'd love it if there were little mouse-sized pockets that had soft, micro-fine copper wire woven into them, and then I'd tell you where to find them -- but, alas, no such thing.  And maybe it can't help anything anyway, but like I said -- in a pinch ...

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