Not sure what is causing this skin issue

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Not sure what is causing this skin issue

Post by Smee/Berlioz on Fri 11 Jan 2019, 8:30 pm


I think I posted this to the wrong area so I'm going to post on here as well!

I have a mouse that has a pretty big bald spot on his face that looks very raw. I can see it irritates him a lot, but I'm not sure how to treat it. I believe he has had mites before from being outside and I treated that by cleaning his cage and washing the effected areas and it help and it went away. He was perfectly fine for a couple of months and now this new issue appeared. It looks different from when he had mites so I'm not sure what to do for treatment. To me it looks like a burn spot because it's so raw. I've included pictures of what it looks like and also his cage set up because I was reading about how they can be bored and that causes them to over groom. Any advice????? I also have another mouse and he hasn't had any skin issues at all.

What it looks like:

Cage Setup:

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Re: Not sure what is causing this skin issue

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop on Sat 12 Jan 2019, 12:32 pm

Poor little guy.  That location on the side of the head seems like a longshot for self-barbering.  It looks like he gouges that with his back right foot -- does he?  Is there bleeding?

I suggest a vet visit, so a professional can have a look for any parasite or infection issues.  Maybe prescribe an antibiotic/anti-inflammatory plan of defence.  I also suggest asking the vet for an opinion on some of the "safe for all animals" topical application products on the market that are formulated to encourage skin healing.  Some even claim to treat hot spots, which your mousie may have.  The brand names I am aware of are Vetericyn and Banixx.  There is another that carries a slightly lower concentration of the same active ingredient (hypochlorous acid) as Vetericyn, but the brand name evades me.  Banixx has a different active ingredient. The spray bottle application may not be practical so close to the eye, but you can always apply it with a fingertip or cotton swab or something like that.

Also, make sure mousie's nails are trimmed.  See this report:
Whether you have the vet do it, or have enough rough-ish "sanding" surface available for mousie to run on to do it himself, makes no difference.

Let us know how things progress. We care.

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