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Scratching- grieving mouse?

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Scratching- grieving mouse? Empty Scratching- grieving mouse?

Post by Nm1300 Sat 12 Jan 2019, 7:20 pm

Scratching- grieving mouse? 20190110

My mouse Pip is itching alot, her friend passed away about 2 weeks ago and I think this may have affected her... she has 2 other mice living with her atm but they are younger and aren't so close to her, she has scabs on her back and she seems to be itching the hair away, I have started to apply tea tree cream on it so it doesn't get infected has anyone got any ideas on how to help? Thanks!

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Scratching- grieving mouse? Empty Re: Scratching- grieving mouse?

Post by River Sun 13 Jan 2019, 6:01 pm

It can happen -- mice grieve pretty hard -- but it could be mites/allergies. What's the diet like, and have they ever been treated for mites?

For right now, I'd use a lot of distraction! Make new toys they haven't seen before, deepen the bedding on one side of the cage, scatter-feed -- so on. Introducing a cat grass plant to the cage made my itchy mouse leave herself alone, even if only temporarily. There's a few threads here on OCD mice (though I hope that's not what this is becoming) that can help. Stopping the itching as soon as possible is the goal.

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