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Pet Medical Information

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Pet Medical Information

Post by CinnamonPearl on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:51 pm

A quick PSA! A good idea that I got from an old parrot first aid kit a few years back is to always have all of your pets' medical information in their first aid kit. A good way to do that is to tape a sheet to the inside lid of the kit, and have it say the name, address, hours, and phone number of your regular veterinarian, the address and phone number of an emergency clinic, the number for pet poison control, and information on your pets' birthdays, medications, and allergies. I think it's a good practice because if you ever need any of that information in a medical emergency, you don't have to waste time digging through websites or your phone for it. Or if you're not at home and someone else is handling an emergency, they have all the information right there for them. A first aid kit is the best place to keep all that information, and it's great for safety.

Here's an example of my setup. I updated it recently by removing information for deceased pets, changing the address and phone number of the emergency clinic to a closer place, and adding slots for medications since my girls are getting older. It's best to hand write all of the info rather than typing so you can make changes without having to switch out the whole sheet.

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Re: Pet Medical Information

Post by essentiallysue on Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:01 am

Excellent idea! Will borrow your idea.

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