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bonding 4 mice

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bonding 4 mice Empty bonding 4 mice

Post by tish982 on Thu 17 Jan 2019, 12:13 am

On Sunday I bought Calisto and Porsha from the local reptile feeder shop, they only had the 2 at that time. However I got a call from the reptile store telling me they got 2 more females Primrose and Bella from the same breeder on monday, but I couldn't pick them up until Tuesday noon so the owner held them for me. Since they came from same breeder and same store. I made up a bin and put in tubes and boxes and scattered food. I added the new Mice first and then the original pair. I let them hang out in there for 6 hours, there was no chasing, no noise like squeaking no nothing. They sniffed each other and the cuddled and napped for 6 hours in the bin. I soaked and cleaned the tank completely and washed all accessories. Then filled it with fresh shavings and put the boxes from the bin and added them to the tank instead of any of the toys that were originally in there. Still scatter feeding them so no food dish so no one can claim it as thiers. So far no fights, no chasing and barely heard a squeak from them. They have been together since Tuesday at 1pm. Is this a good sign that they will completely bond? Also I would like to add 2 wheels, do you think that would be okay? Or do you think a fight could break out over them?

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