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Mouse Bounding

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Mouse Bounding Empty Mouse Bounding

Post by PeachesandPepper92918 Mon 21 Jan 2019, 5:19 pm

I am happy to announce that all three of my girls have been happily living together for 3 weeks now. I thought I would share some photos from the bonding process. I did several individual bonding sessions between Peaches and Pheobe and Pepper and Pheobe, then did one long session with all three of them. It went really well, and I only had one small problem between Pheobe and Pepper, though they worked it out fairly quickly.Mouse Bounding 70901510
Mouse Bounding 6d6c7010
Mouse Bounding F6c98510
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Mouse Bounding Empty Re: Mouse Bounding

Post by tish982 Mon 21 Jan 2019, 8:18 pm

That's great new. I'am right now in the process of bonding my four girls. They have been together for 1 week. Only one second of squeeking, and nothing else since. You have very beautiful girls.

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