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HELP! mites? or just random wound?

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HELP! mites? or just random wound? Empty HELP! mites? or just random wound?

Post by Etane Wed 06 Feb 2019, 12:54 pm

HELP! mites? or just random wound? Screen10

I've had my little guy for a month now. I noticed today that he had a little red dot/scratch looking like area near his eye. He has been grooming himself but I can't tell if he's "overgrooming". I use Hemp wood bedding which I read is not the same as pine but I'm not sure if this is causing mites or some reaction? Anyone have any idea? Should I just leave it and see if it clears up?

He's playing on his wheel and eating, pooping just fine. Though I think after trying to inspect him today any progress I've made in taming him has gone straight down the drain and it's back to square one. Sad

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HELP! mites? or just random wound? Empty Re: HELP! mites? or just random wound?

Post by MouseLover Thu 07 Feb 2019, 6:18 am

Firstly, he is very very cute and I love him Wink Second, it's really hard to tell at this point what could have caused the scratch. If I were you I would just keep a good eye on him for now and try and see if he appears to be scratching a lot. If he doesn't appear to be scratching or over-grooming, and the little scratch goes away, then it was probably just a one-off accident.

If he is scratching lots, or over-grooming, you probably want to get some kind of spot-on treatment for mites/lice, and give his cage a really deep clean (including a deep clean of anything that eggs could have been laid on). You will either need to go to the vet for this, or some pet stores will sell small animal spot-ons. If you've done this and there's still scratching, there could be a food intolerance, so you'll want to look at what's in his mouse food and what the protein levels are.

But tbh it's a tiny tiny scratch. It could have just been an accident whilst he was grooming himself, especially if his nails are quite sharp. I would just monitor him closely for now and try not to worry until you know whether there's actually a problem.

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