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Hi there!  Empty Hi there!

Post by cimpix Thu 07 Feb 2019, 1:10 am

Hello! I'm cimpix (elisa irl) and I'm from Italy, where pet mice are not really a thing. I currently have a pair of female mice, Aki and Hana. I got Aki on 23 january and Hana on 26, they have already made their way to my heart and on 4 february Aki gave birth. I don't know the exact number of babies she gave birth to, but i counted around 5 by peeking in the nest without lifting it. The babies and their care are the main reason why i decided to register in this forum.
I did not buy my girls compulsively and i did a lot of research before getting them. When i noticed Aki's pregnancy i got myself prepared but I'm still a little concerned, but i hope to get a little help from experienced owners.
Hana is helping a lot, she's a great nanny, so im a little relieved. Those babies are in good paws.
Today or tomorrow I'm going to actually take a better look at them since 3 days passed from their birth, but both Aki and Hana dont seem stressed or nervous so i guess they're doing good.
Now, for the girls' personalities: Aki is a total sweetheart, she loves being picked up and stay in my shirt's long sleeves, she seems to actually ask to be picked up when she sees me (she stands on her paws and jumps on my hand when i reach her, or just climbs on my shirt) even though I'm trying to dont touch her too much in these days. It's just hard to resist when she stands up and reaches for my hands!
Hana is a bit more "wild" but i noticed she's starting to trust me a lot more lately, she's just more shy. Oh and she's really messy.
They're both albino, or PEW i think is the correct term? but i can tell them apart. Albino mice are the only ones i could find here where i live even though i had to search a lot before finding them (as i said, they're not popular pets here).
They live in a 20 gallon tank and i will try to upload some pictures. I'm planning on getting them more toys by the way.
Did i forget to mention something? I'm sorry for this really long presentation but I just wanted to make things clear. Also sorry for eventual mistakes, english obviously isn't my first language. Ask whatever you want anyway!

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Hi there!  Empty Re: Hi there!

Post by MouseLover Thu 07 Feb 2019, 6:26 am

Welcome cimpix Smile Your English is brilliant, and if you do make any mistakes I am sure no one will be mean about it. Most English-speakers don't even speak a second language so we are all really impressed by those who do haha.

It sounds like you have a great relationship with your mice and you care about them a lot Smile congratulations on the little babies! I look forward to hearing how things are going, and hopefully the forum will be helpful to you with any questions you might have.

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