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Merle/roan + pairing help

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Merle/roan + pairing help Empty Merle/roan + pairing help

Post by Auna on Sun 17 Feb 2019, 1:30 am

I have a female mouse who i purchased from a breeder. I was told she is a pied roan/merle. I wanted to breed her to get the beautiful mice you see on google images when you search black merle. I was told by someone that if i breed her with a solid black male i would get carriers and if i bred the carriers back to eachother i would get the results I'm looking for. Is this true? What do i pair her with? Also I've been keeping her with a male since Sunday 2/10 and she had her estrus yesterday but there was no sperm plug when i checked today. Should i continue to keep her with the male until her next estrus or take her out until her next estrus? Thanks.

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Merle/roan + pairing help Empty Re: Merle/roan + pairing help

Post by MouseLover on Sun 17 Feb 2019, 7:38 am

With all due respect, it's better to research and understand these things before you pair your female with a male, not put them together and ask questions later. I'm not saying that to attack you, but out of concern for your mice. There are serious risks associated with breeding, and it's important that you understand the genetic backgrounds of your mice and that you feel confident with what you're breeding together before you attempt it.

If your little lady is from a breeder, can you not talk to the breeder about breeding advice? He/she should know the genetics of his/her mice so may be able to help you. You may find more answers on the fancy mice breeders forum. It's not a forum I personally use, so I can't really say how active or helpful it is. But I do know that it's a forum for breeders, so you may have more luck than here, as we are primarily a pet forum.

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