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Little rant

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Little rant Empty Little rant

Post by River Fri 24 Jun 2016, 8:55 pm

Little rant because I wasn't sure where else to post this.
Although the bedding change seemed to help a little (and it hasn't been two weeks yet) I'm still pretty anxious about the thing. I mean, it doesn't seem harmful as it's been a month, she's stable - there have been absolutely no changes. I'm pretty sure whatever it is isn't contagious, as I've not noticed Graham doing it. Albeit, it's pretty hard to tell when they're always right next to eachother.
Not sure what it is. Nothing I can do unless her condition changes, which I'm hoping it won't. But, hey, anxiety. I've been pretty worried about her in general. That, and since she's been climbing to sit atop the waterbottle more often than usual, I've been having to set a book on the top of the cage to assure she doesn't pop the lid open - I've had one do that, believe it or not.
Bleh. I don't know if I should even be this anxious about things.
Ah, well.

Graham, on the other hand is still very scared of me. I'm giving her a while to settle in. Even at the offering of treats, she just glares; you know, the little mouse squint they do? I managed to earn that even by acting like a food dispenser. Not sure if she's scared or just being a brat, so I'll try again when the next week is up since I've been leaving them be to settle. I'm sure she was mishandled by the shop she came from, as when I pointed her out in the tank, she had to roughly get her out of the water bottle holder, where she'd taken shelter. Horrible - she'll warm up in time. She also sort of...spongegars at me whenever I walk into the room. Not sure what other word to use.
With Maier's influence, she too is starting to climb the water bottle! Albeit, she seems more careful and hesitant about things while she does it, so I'm less concerned about her tumbling down.

tl;dr: I am very pointlessly anxious, thought I'd yell about it.

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