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Update on Oreo!

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Update on Oreo! Empty Update on Oreo!

Post by Oreoandfriends Fri 01 Mar 2019, 6:36 pm

Hello! I recently made a post about by very itchy mouse, Oreo. I was hoping to treat him at home since I don’t have all that much money but in the end I felt much safer taking him to the vet.
Since Oreo isn’t very hand tame, he had a really tough time at the vet! The vet ended up doing a modified skin scrape on him because she wouldn’t be able to do a proper one on him, he wouldn’t sit still! Going in, I thought he had mites.
The vet didn’t find any mites or eggs on what she took and wasn’t exactly sure what it could be. Her best guess was self mutilation since he has hot spots around his ears. Oreo was given a dose of oral parasite medication and some ointment to apply to his ears twice a day. I’m going back for a return check up this Monday and the vet will see if he has improved! He also might get a nail trim as long as he’ll hold still to prevent him from doing more damage.
Although the visit costed a whopping 200 dollars, I’m really glad I went! The vet was very knowledgeable and is trying to rule out every possible illness little Oreo could have! Oreo is currently doing well and cuddled up in his blanket, I really hope he’s on the road to recovery! Love
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