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How do These Seed/Pellet Mixes Look?

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How do These Seed/Pellet Mixes Look? Empty How do These Seed/Pellet Mixes Look?

Post by SnowHedgehog Fri 01 Mar 2019, 9:10 pm

Hello!  Smile

I'm brand new to the mouse community and looking for some help ensuring I have an ideal food mix.
I fostered a set of mom and babies, and am soon adopting the mom and two of her daughters. This is my first time owning mice and I'm super excited! I have experience with hamsters but wow mice are almost totally opposite so I've been doing lots of research.

My biggest struggle with food mixes is that I have a severe nut allergy, however, I believe I found some good choices to make a seed/pellet mix.

I am able to get the VitaKraft VitaSmart Budgie seed that is suggested, but I already have Hagen Budgie Seed for my birds so I would prefer to use that. For pellet, I've found, Versele-Laga Crispy Pellets (Rat & Mice), Versele-Laga Complete (Rat & Mice), or SunSeed Critter Cubes which I use for my hamster.

The best GA's I've found for each of the options are:
85% Hagen - 15% Crispy
Protein - 13.25%
Fat - 4%
Fibre - 8%

75% Hagen - 25% Complete
Protein - 12.75%
Fat - 4.50%
Fibre - 7.75%

90% Hagen - 10% Critter Cubes
Protein - 13.00%
Fat - 4.15%
Fibre - 8.60%

I think I definitely need a way to boost the fat. I did calculate in freeze-dried mealworms however it took the protein too high. Please let me know if any of those mixes look good or if I'm going at this the wrong way. Suggestions for a way to boost fat/if it's needed would also be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!  Smile


I've been playing around with what some different mixes and add-ins would look like and I think I've finally found one I'm really happy with.

The mix includes Hagen Budgie Seed, Sunseed Critter Cubes (both of which I decided on since I already have them for other animals), and then for a bit of a fat/variety boost there is whole brown flax seed, shelled hemp seed, and raw hulled pumpkin seed.

Overall, the mix looks like this
85%Hagen Seed 10%CritterCubes 2%Flax Seed 2%Hemp Seed 1%Pumpkin Seed
Protein - 13.78%
Fat - 6.14%
Fibre - 8.89%

The protein is definitely higher, but the babies that I'm keeping are all very young (just shy of 4 weeks old) besides mom who prior has not had the best life and there was no info on her previous diet. I did also think of adding unsweetened sulphur free coconut shreds as they would boost the fat without boosting the protein, however, the amount of sugar it would've added in concerned me.

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