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Insect Stinging What do I do?

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Insect Stinging What do I do? Empty Insect Stinging What do I do?

Post by Mousekin Thu 21 Mar 2019, 4:11 pm

Today I found a wasp hive outside my window, and two in my home. I live in a small home. big enough for me and buddy (my mouse).
One said wasp was near his cage. And I killed it, but A few minutes later Buddy has been wheezing. He's not fond of having his tummy touched, never has been. but I gave him a through.. uh, petting? and also cupped him in my hands to my ear to hear his breathing.

I could not find any indication that he has been stung, but he is breathing a bit harsher now. and has been avoiding me. usually when he's not asleep, or eating he is constantly trying to get my attention so this change in behavior is worrying me greatly..

I'm at a loss here, As I don't know what to do, or what to look for as I cant find any sign he was stung, but this started when the wasps found their way into our home.

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Insect Stinging What do I do? Empty Re: Insect Stinging What do I do?

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop Sun 24 Mar 2019, 1:06 pm

Sorry for the delay in responding.

I think your focus should be on making sure the breathing is clear.  The pain from a sting fades, and non-human animals are so much tougher than human animals in their ability to endure their ouchies that unless mousie is squinting, hunched, or showing other reliable indications of being in pain, it's probably just better to let mousie handle it.

Labored breathing, however, needs to see a doctor.  If mousie caught and ATE a wasp, who knows what could have happened!

If you squish a wasp or hornet, be sure to clean up the area around the squish spot VERY well.  The smell of a squished wasp/hornet can drive others to aggressive behavior.  We had a hornet infiltration into my house last summer.  They hived somewhere inside the wall, with an entrance between bricks under the front door.  Every day they'd gather between the inside and outside front doors, and in the morning before work I'd move the ones who had breached the inside door and were buzzing around inside the house back outside the house.  I showed my daddy the safe way to trap them and take them outside so he could have peace while I was at work and not go smashing them all over the place.  He even took my advice (!), because he seemed impressed at how I could just sit calmly, working on a file from work, while stinging insects buzzed around the light a few feet over my head.  Then I would get "my equipment" and remove them one at a time, no fuss, no fight, no noise, no injuries to anybody.

Pops tried patching and repatching the hole between the bricks that they used to get into the wall, but the hornets would just bust back through the patch, no matter what it was!

So finally pops hung a fly ribbon between the two front doors.  At night, when the hornets were fairly dormant, he'd remove one full ribbon and hang another fresh one.  The problem cleared up pretty fast after that. But spring is now back, and we will see if our little buzzing friends return.

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