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Unintended pregnancy

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Unintended pregnancy Empty Unintended pregnancy

Post by Kayere on Thu 04 Apr 2019, 9:25 am

For christmas I got my son 2 mice as pets from a pet store. I had pet rats when I was younger and loved them and he had been asking for a pet. So I know basic care of them but have only ever owned females and they never bred.

One of the mice (Tails) is now huge. I have been waiting to see if she gives birth and it does look like it will be happening any day now because I was hoping I was wrong. The other mouse (Sonic) has no signs of being male and I was told he was female so I have been waiting.

The pet store has agreed to take any of the mice back that I decide but my son is high functioning autistic and really attached so I don't know how I will be handling the end result, only trying to deal with the current 'crisis'.

I have tried going through different guides but people seem to differ on things like if to pull the 'male' out or keep him in and so on. So i will get info in one guide then the next one will contradict everything.

What are some quick must need to know points if a mouse is going to have a litter now that I am here? How much room should she have for her nest? She has made herself comfortable in one of their hideaways that she chewed holes in but I am not sure it will have enough room for babies. Should I remove the male before the babies come? Should I remove their habitat from my son's room before they come? My son can be very noisy and not mean to be and I am not sure if that will cause her stress at that time or if she should be used to it?

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Unintended pregnancy Empty Re: Unintended pregnancy

Post by CallaLily on Mon 08 Apr 2019, 1:16 pm

Hi. The Breeding Packet on this forum has very good info on what to expect. I know you mentioned you’ve already read some different guides, but in case you missed ours. Smile

The nest box should be big enough to just fit mom and babies, but shouldn’t be overly large. There are more tips on nursery housing in the Breeding Packet.

Yes, please do remove the male before she gives birth. Not only would he just turn around and impregnate her right after birth but mama mouse will be much happier caring for her babies on her own. I know some people use “nanny” mice but for most moms it’s best to raise their babies alone.

If she’s been housed in his room all along and is comfortable there, I wouldn’t think you’d need to move her. If she’s still quite new you may want to consider it.

Sorry your post went unanswered for so long. I realize she may have already given birth by now but didn’t want to leave it unanswered.

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